What Will I Need?

Breathable gymwear - This is a fast paced, indoor sport. Recommended clothing: Shirt/singlet & shorts.

Rubber sole/indoor court shoes - There is alot of stopping and direction change in floorball. We strongly encourage rubber soled shoes. Please no black soles as they mark playing surface.

Graphite/carbon fibre stick. It is not essential that you have your own stick. Sticks are available to borrow. If you become a serious player owning uyour own stick maybe benifical.

Bottle of water - hydration is important!

Some players also invest in sweat bands or bring a sweat towel


All players must become members. Membership is required so players will be covered by insurance. Price varies from year to year.

Additional costs may include Local, Elite & State competition fees - if you chose to compete at that level.