Floorball Basics

Floorball is an innovative new sport that is quickly spreading across the world. Floorball is a fast paced indoor sport that blends the greatest elements of ice hockey with some characteristics also found in soccer and basketball.

It started in Sweden in the 1970s as an alternative to the form of hockey, which is played outdoors on a grass playing field, and since then has enjoyed unparalleled growth in Scandinavia and rest of the Europe.

Floorball is now played in more than 31 countries worldwide and is officially one of the world's fastest growing sports. In 2008 floorball was recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

Floorball is not only fast and exciting, but its great exercise too. This makes floorball an incredible overall workout. It's suitable for people of all ages and all abilities.

Finally, floorball is an inexpensive sport compared to others. Essentially all that you need to start playing are some gym apparel and a floorball stick.

Floorball can be played in a regular gymnasium/sports centre or even on a basketball court. Floorball differs from floor hockey because it's non-contact, making it a perfect sport for players who love playing but who don't like the excessive physical contact which can result in injury, providing a safer and friendlier playing atmosphere.

Info courtesy of Red Backs Floorball Club & Floorball Association of WA