Floorball Basic Rule

Quick Overview of Rules

1. Games can be played with three to five players and a goalie on the court for each team. The goalie may be substituted for an additional player if desired. For an official game, five players and a goalie for each team is required.
2. No catching ball or hands on ball - including whole arm, except for goalie, (infraction results in a 2 min penalty)
3. Foot passes to another player are allowed, but players may not kick the ball twice in a row.
4. No jumping (one foot must be on the ground when receiving the ball), infraction results in a free hit or 2 min penalty.
5. Players must not have more than 3 points of contact with the ground to make plays or block shots. Only the goalie may play from their knees, infraction results in a 2 min penalty.
6. Ball must be received on a stick below knee level, infraction results in a possession change. If contact is made with the ball above the knee, infraction results in a 2 min penalty.
7. Sticks must stay below waist level when shooting with a similar follow through allowed. Playing the ball above the waist will result in a 2 min penalty.
8. No stick checking, lifting, locking, or slashing. A minor infraction results in a possession change (free hit), a more serious infraction may result in a 2 min penalty.
9. No holding of stick, players, or shirt or general interference (obstruction), infraction will result in a 2 min penalty.
10. No playing your stick between another player’s legs. Results in a possession change.
11. Shoulder to shoulder body contact is allowed when challenging for the ball (permitting a change of direction -into the opposing player- does not occur), infractions will result in a possession change or 2 min penalty, depending on the severity.
12. No playing the ball intentionally with the head – infraction results in a free hit or 2 min penalty for the other team.
13.Face-offs: Face offs will be used to start the game at the beginning of each period and to restart after each goal or if the ball is damaged. For a face-off, stick blade must be on the ground and perpendicular to centerline, feet also perpendicular to centerline and the ball between the two players’ sticks. Players cannot reverse their grip or hold the stick below the face-off line. Play starts with a whistle blow from the referee.
14. Substitutions may occur at anytime, as long as a player comes off simultaneously to another player coming on. Incorrect substitutions will incur a 2 min penalty.
15. If the ball goes out of play, the non-offending team will restart play with a free hit near the site where the ball left play.
16. The last defender before the keeper must not make any serious infractions which will potentially affecting a goal scoring opportunity, infractions result in a 1 on 1 penalty shot with the keeper. 
17. Possession changes: Occurs in the situations cited above.

  • Free Hit: Ball is played as a direct free shot similar to a soccer free kick, where the offending players must be 3 meters away and the ball must be shot or played to another player with a solid hit – not a sweeping motion.

2 min penalty: A player must sit out for two minutes and must not be replaced on the field by another player (i.e. the team plays one player down). After a penalty play begins with a Free Hit to the non-offending team (if the penalty occurred in connection to playing the ball) or a Face-Off (if not connected to a play or the penalty is delayed).

1 on 1 Penalty Shot: Ball starts at halfway, the player does not have a time limit, and will attempt to score. The ball may not travel backwards.